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Speedmaxracing DTM GT

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Product Details

Complete steering wheel, with USB electronic, including trim.
Assembled by Speed Max Racing.

Steering wheel assembled with carbon fiber plates, and hand-sewn alcantara-style handles. It has paddles for gear changing in carbon fiber, and a magnet mechanism.

On the front plate there are 7 buttons, 1 configurable encoder, and 1 switch.

Connection via USB cable and self-installing drivers.

Dimension: 280mm

Weight: 1kg

Thanks to the lightness and quality of the materials, it offers a completely immersive driving experience.

It is not possible to perform two button actions at the same time because the HUC3 board does not allow it.

This steering wheel is only compatible with the PC. It is not compatible with any console (Playstation, Xbox, etc.)

The wheel can be bought without QR, or we also offer for an extra price (the QR will be mounted on the wheel):

- Simagic fitable QR

The set comes with 1 simagic wallmount when requested.

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